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Kaa ho, kaisan hau sab? Aa gayni hum! :) So I’m having this obsession with Bihari words these days. And believe me, it’s one hell of a language! They have all fun and fury packed in this one language, which is what impressed me the most.

You must be wondering how I can get so whelmed by a simple language, let me tell you, it’s no ‘simple language’. It’s full of fun, interesting words that would give you stomach-ache out of laughter!

This one’s for those of us interesting people who love exploring different languages. And what would be better than learning some words from our very own Bihari!

P.S: It’s a mix of the 3 Bihari languages, Bhojpuri, Magdhi, and Maithili.

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रहें चौबीसो घंटे बिहार और देश दुनिया की ख़बरों से अपडेट, फेसबुक पेज जरुर लाइक करें

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